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Page history last edited by Eoin McDonnell 13 years, 5 months ago

F-ALT10 is almost upon us! F-ALT is a fringe event organised by (mainly) educational technologists & those with an unhealthy interest in educational technology to coincide with the annual ALT conference, this year taking place in Nottingham. This is the programme page - F-ALT happens because people pitch in ideas & enthusiasm to make it happen. So go on :) We've added some place holder pages but feel free to add or edit these if they aren't what you want. We usually have a f2f planning & meeting session to kick off with, but don't feel like you have to wait. In need of inspiration? Check out the F-ALT vault fr 2009 and 2008. Don't forget to sign up for this year & let us know if yr all official like.

Activity Description Date Time Place Moderator Speakers
F-ALT planning

meeting up, getting badges, talking through sessions,
warm up session - finalising dates, times & sessions
Tuesday 7th First coffee break (morning) Where the coffee is Volunteers please!
Monday 6 Sept  
A potentially lovely evening slot for people arriving on the Monday evening. Last year we kicked off with a frankly amazing post-digital session.

At the risk of spoiling a potentially lovely evening can I suggest a debate on open education and critical pedagogies
Monday 6th 8pm (suggested) A bar - numbers may be dependent on venue Volunteers please!
? Terry Wassall (would love too but can't make it until Wednesday. Désolé)
?Joss Winn
? Richard Hall - would love to but won't be back from Edinburgh in time - can we shift this? Who cares about edubloggers anyway? *they* are too institutionalised.
? Frances Bell
? Drew Buddy
Tues 7 Sept  
Discussion about lecture recording

Many of us in the LT community are currently involved in deploying lecture capture solutions in our Institutions, often driven by management.  But many of us also feel that lecture capture is fraught with issues - both in terms of the very real and practical ones such as copyright, IPR etc, but equally or more importantly, have grave reservations about it pedagogically. So -  Is it just a naive wste of time? Is it a cynical  ploy by management to cut labour costs? Or is it something that we as Learning Technologists can turn to good ends despite its apparent short comings. We are the only people who can do this - so where do we go next?
Tues 7 Sept 6pm-ish Keeping this simple - we're just going to the conference centre bar


Eoin McDonnell

Graham McElearney



Mary Jacob

Edubloggers Meetup

6th Annual edublogging meetup & the alternative social. Everyone interested in blogging & the social web for education welcome. Usually some speakers, arguments etc

This years topic is 'edtech in the time of the Con-Lib coalition'  

- this can be voted down if more people would like to see the open ed debate here. let us know!

Tuesday 7 Sept 8pm onwards

Off campus


The Cast Bar back room (attached to the Playhouse, Nottingham City Centre).

Note: wifi is available. You can find food here or nearby as well.

Josie Fraser

Graham Attwell


Helen Beetham?

Richard Hall?

Scott Wilson (if I can make it...)



Is the death of New Labour too obvious? b/c I think the e-learning agenda has *been* the NL agenda  - modernising, technocratic, standards-driven, apparently progressive, 'digital economy' etc... and if so, where does that leave us now? (HB)

- Perfect! Added above


Whereas the PLE agenda could be seen as (Classic) Liberal and Libertarian - so how would it fit in a Con-Lib policy agenda? Would Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill advocated PLEs? (SW)

Tues 7 Sept After dinner - 8pm?


Wed 8 Sept  

Lunch Time

There doesn't seem to be an official dinner time on Weds? 1pm - 2pm?

Digital Literacy catchup - any one interested in the UK/international digital literacy agenda Wed 8 Sept 1-2pm Main Dining room  

Josie Fraser

Fred Garnett

Lots of us will be going to the official dinner. Usually an alternative will be organised. Late night stuff for the hardcore not presenting on Thurs morning.
 Alternative dinner arrangements here: http://falt.pbworks.com/M25+F-ALT-D  Wed 8 Sept 8pm-onwards  
Thurs 9 Sept  
This is a good slot although people are usually struggling a bit by this point  
Thursday 9 Sept 2pm - after lunch on the last day
move to date time order, or if wiki-uncertain, put in a date and time and someone will move it for you. Depending on venue we maybe able to run lunch time/break time slots/slams/alternative exhibition
It's traditional to suggest the death of something. I'd happily argue Personalisation is dead this year. Anyone disagree?

Yep - sadly it's alive and well, and kicking me in the nuts. Happy to help kill it off tho. (RH)


 Josie Fraser

Richard Hall


I'm thinking of a debate around the notion that social network spaces do not act as genuine networks beyond a small core of 'friends' (loosely based on the Dunbar number). Beyond this they run on a broadcast paradigm with a false promise of contact. This is amplified by the insurgence of 'beautiful people' who have signed up because they see the broadcast potential. I would argue that the nuances of 'Digital Literacy' boil down to a fairly basic micro-celebertory approach and personal brand management. Social Media spaces are now merely a reflection of the hollow values we see in evidence in society as a whole. (I'd be happy to put 'death' in the title of this if I can figure out a good one :) (DW)

lol keep something back fr the argument Dave :) I'm happy to completely disagree with you on this one (JF) I'm so confident on this one that I'm showing all my workings... Some point on the Tuesday evening would be good for this one I think. You would be a worthy and highly appropriate opponent :)  (DW)

How about combining this with digital literacies and scheduling for Monday evening? What do you think HB and DW? As usual I'd like to see the Death of the Death of topics ;) FB I might not be around on Monday evening. Happy to argue on Tuesday eve though (DW)

 David White







"When sleep bore him so far away from the world inhabited by memory and thought, through an ether in which he was alone, more than alone, without even the companionship of self-perception, he was outside the range of time and its measurements."

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